What I’ve learned: Moving from PHX to PDX

I moved from Phoenix to Portland on my own, exactly 1 year ago & this is what it has taught me…

My full car on my drive to PDX!

My full car on my drive to PDX!

– You can do anything you put your mind to
– Drawbridges are pretty freakin’ cool
– Coffee and beer is a way of life out here

November 2013 PDXSW - working with team Bubblr. We got 2nd place & Fan Fav!

– Being homesick and getting through it creates a growth within you, you could never experience otherwise
– The creative and tech community is just as amazing if not better than you could ever imagine (thank you all for being so welcoming!)
– Walking a goat is a thing
– You will never, ever, ever get a tan
– Umbrellas aren’t a thing when it rains. Bringing an extra change of clothes with you is the thing.

Random little beauts from the amazing PDX area

Random little beauts from the amazing PDX area

– Everyone smiles at you in Portland
– THE GRATEFUL DEAD, Marvin Gaye & James Brown and I have hung out at the same place (The Crystal Ballroom)
– Life isn’t always easy – but it’s important to always keep working your plan and to keep revisiting and adjusting your goals as needed… You have control over how you live your life, make the best of it!

Thank you for reading!

– J

8 thoughts on “What I’ve learned: Moving from PHX to PDX

  1. David

    Nobody smiles at me in Portland! I think it’s because you’re such a friendly person! It certainly has nothing to do with your hair. ;)

    How has your Vlog been going??

    1. jehnglynn@gmail.com Post author

      Haha! Nobody smiles at you… whatever! & vlogs go up whenever I do them. I am slowly getting back into everything after the holidays.

  2. Liz

    I love the idea of going back and sharing the bits and pieces of the past year, especially when it involves moving. Your pictures are awesome!!!!

  3. Greg Z

    I’m not sure what clicks got me here to this blog, but I enjoyed the transplant perspective of Portland. I have traveled the entire world. Portland is like no where else.

    1. jehnglynn@gmail.com Post author

      I am glad you enjoyed it Greg! I hope to travel the entire world throughout my life :) Thank you for reading!


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