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Tonight I had the pleasure of listening & joining in on the conversation of the accomplished designers, podcasters, bloggers & e-bookers;  Sacha Greif, Nathan Barry, Paul Jarvis + Justin Jackson during their the Self-Publishing Hangout. Being a freelance designer myself, the entire experience was inspiring, motivating and insanely informative – I felt very lucky being in that room.  See the full event details here: Self-Publishing Hangout.

The hangout in a nutshell was the four guys chatting about their self-publishing experiences via video while us chat-roomers followed along, had our own discussions and interacted with the guys as well – they were great about answering our questions! They even answered one of mine & I won a t-shirt from Gumroad! Thank you!!

I listened, took notes and was a “sponge” during the hangout & below are a couple of my key takeaways:

  • Drink wine or mimosas to get over writers block.
  • If you want to write a book or even want to start blogging more, be aware of what people are asking of you – people are looking at you as an expert.
  • If you are hired for a job, you are enough of an expert. If you are getting paid for it, other people will pay to learn it.
  • Start writing & use that to get better at writing.
  • Write to a specific person to get over writers block.
  • Set deadlines.
  • Build an e-mail list.

Watch the entire hangout here: Self-Publishing Hangout

While taking notes, I made a list of the numerous companies, people, books, etc. that I wanted to look further into/make note of & I figured I should share them with you! (I know I missed some, please feel free to add them in the comments if you were there as well and I will update my list).

Sacha Greif’s Book
Step by Step UI Design

Nathan Barry’s Books
Designing Web Applications
The App Design Book

Paul Jarvis’ Books
Be Awesome at Online Business
Eat Awesome

Justin Jackson’s Podcast:
Product People: A podcast focused on great products and the people who make them

Writing/Designing Platforms
iA writer
iBook Author
iBook Author Templates

E-mail Marketing
Launch Effect App
Campaign Monitor

Amy Hoy
Thomas Fuchs
Michael Hartl
Alexandra Franzen

Selling Sites
Mighty Deals

Books/Posts Mentioned
Double your freelancing rate in 14 days
Sacha’s post that was mentioned: Lessons Learned from an eBook launch
Justin’s site that went viral: This is a webpage
Getting Real by 37 Signals
Rails Tutorial

Commit App
Bacon Biz

Various links from chat-room

I hope this list was helpful to you!

It was truly inspiring listening to these guys talk so humbly and openly about their experiences around self-publishing, both positive & negative. One thing they all touched on multiple times is that they write about what they do…what they love to do. It has inspired me to keep going in the direction of doing what I love.

Thanks again guys, you rock!



13 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Hangout Takeaways + Links

  1. Holly

    Awesome – thanks for the link and the note taking. I tried to keep track of all the links but it just became impossible after a bit. Beam me up for the next one Scotty!

  2. Adam Krueger

    Wow, great notes and links. Thank you so much, I’m definitely going to book mark this and go through this link by link. Setting deadlines, and keeping them is always the hard part for me. I guess I just got to do it!

    1. JehnGlynn Post author

      Thank you, Adam! I agree with you about setting deadline & sticking to it… but accomplishing your goal is such an amazing feeling – I try to keep that in mind for motivation!

  3. Jonathan Wuurman

    Thank you so much for this. Couldn’t make it 2AM in the morning for Belgians ;-)

    What an awesome work

  4. Jane Portman

    Jehn, thank you so much for compiling and sharing these notes! Have been extremely helpful since I didn’t get a chance to attend live. I guess the most important part is keeping up with commitments!

  5. Aaron Posehn

    Hey Jehn,

    I enjoyed the hangout yesterday as well, and it’s great that you summarized all of it here (and thanks for including a link to my chinEASE ebook!)

    First time to your site as well. Great stuff!

    1. JehnGlynn Post author

      Hey Aaron – the hangout was a cool experience, huh? Thank you for the compliments on my post & my work, it makes my day! :)

  6. Michelle

    Thanks Jehn for your great compilation. I was on the hangout but your thorough recap was super helpful, as I missed some of the links/ books etc that were mentioned. Much gratitude for your organization and sweet goodness for sharing. Enjoy your week!

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