My TECHFESTNW Experience!

Hey guys!

How are you? I hope your week is going well so far! In this video I not only talk to you about my TechFestNW 2014 experience, but I share a little story with you about how I overcame my fears. Being scared to do something can be a bit overwhelming and nerve wrecking – but something I have learned is that feeling won’t last forever. Whatever you are doing that is scary, will eventually end, and you will be so proud of yourself for going through it… and THAT feeling will last forever!

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You’re amazing – keep being you and doing the best you can!

– Jehn

How to network: The Networking Game

Hello :)

In this weeks video I am going to show you a quick, fun way that will help you with the somewhat daunting “How to network” idea. When I moved from Phoenix to Portland and was going to events without knowing a single soul, I desperately wanted some structure and purpose to my networking. So, I came up with a game I like to call “The Networking Game”. It’s fun and easy, I promise!

If you try out The Networking Game & or if this in anyway, helped you answer the question “How to network” – let me know! I would love to hear about it!!

Enjoy the video!

How To Network The Networking Game Jehn Glynn-01-01


Thank you for reading & watching!

– J

My July Favorites – Graphic Design, Podcasts & People

Hello :)

This week I filmed my monthly favorites video. I am very excited about this series. Ever since I decided to vlog instead of blog, my life has changed. Blogging has always been difficult for me, for many reasons. I am finding stride with these videos and seeing actual possibilities. Especially in terms of sharing what I know and connecting with others than I can learn from. Moral of the story? Don’t give up. Keep trying things until you find what works for YOU. Leave the trends behind. Be yourself. Stay true to what makes YOUR soul sing.

Enjoy the video!


Thank you for reading & watching!


How to: Stay productive while traveling

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

Working for yourself, usually means, that even when you travel – you will still need to get work done and be as productive as you can. I have picked up a few tips along the way that have helped me stay on track and today I am sharing those with you! Please click on the video below to hear me talk about them!


Thank you so much for reading & watching! Please share with a friend if you think it would be helpful :)

– J

Typography Inspiration: Morro Bay, California

Hello :)

I went to California last week, with my brother, to surprise our sister. It was awesome to spend quality time with the family and to just take a bit of a breather from the day to day grind. While I was there, I really enjoyed the downtown Morro Bay area and found the typography inspiring. I love how every place you visit, you will notice, that the typography is very reflective of the area you are in. I really enjoyed filming and editing this video. I hope you enjoy it!


Thank you for reading & watching!

– J

Portland Startup Weekend Access 2014

Hello :)

Is there something in your life that gives you that nudge to keep pursuing your passions? To continue working on your idea? For me, those nudges, come from seeing other people work on their ideas and following their passions.

A few weekends ago I attended Portland Startup Weekend Access as a design mentor. This Startup Weekend was different than the others I have been to. The weekend was being geared towards individuals with disabilities in hopes to create an environment where anyone can innovate together. Pretty sweet concept! During the weekend, Shashi, the facilitator, had expressed that he hopes that there will never have to be a separate event for individuals with disabilities again. That every Startup Weekend from here on out will be made to accommodate everyone. Inspiring stuff! Nudges all around! :)

I knew I wanted to bring my camera along with me, so that is what I did! I was able to capture some clips that I felt conveyed the vibe of the entire weekend; exciting, fun & encouraging! Going to events like this really inspires me to continue working on my passions and my ideas. What gives you inspiration? What nudges you? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoy the video! Oh & the video doesn’t show this… but a team lead by an 11 year old won. #nudge #nudge #nudge


Here is another video to give you more nudges :)

Thank you for reading & watching!

– J

3D Printed Business Card + Vlog

Hello! My friend Isaac and I were hanging out at BrainSilo (A HackerSpace here in Portland) over the weekend & we decided to mess around with printing a business card. Yah, it isn’t perfect – but we had a lot of fun doing it! He was teaching me a lot about the process, so I wanted to film it so hopefully someone else could learn a little bit as well :)

Click the video below to watch it all go down!

Thank you for reading & watching :)

Happy Tuesday!


I went to Pitchlandia 2014 + Vlog!

If you don’t know, Pitchlandia was this week here in Portland, OR! It was the world’s first crowd-funded & crowd-selected Startup Pitch event. I am always a sucker for Startup events in general – I always leave feeling energized with a new sense of purpose for ‘doing my own thing’. Which is a very addictive feeling! This event in particular sparked my interest because the audience, who helped fund the event, had control of who won and who took the money home. There were 20 pitches total (I show clips of some of my favorite highlights in the video below*), 10 pitches were Tech and 10 were tangible products, which was a nice change up. I think it is easy to get stuck in the ‘tech bubble’ in the Startup World, so it was very refreshing!

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I am scared to do this

I am scared to share this with you – but I am going to do it anyway. I felt like I had something to say last night – so I filmed a video about it. I am not sure what else to say about it… I am pretty nervous to put this out there. For some reason, filming a video versus writing a blog post seems to be on another level of vulnerability for me. Fuck it, right? Here goes nothing… Hope you enjoy it!

You can download the thumbnail wallpaper for your desktop by clicking the link below!  Nurture Your Path - Desktop Download


Thank you for reading and watching :)


What I’ve learned: From the snow

jehn glynn designer what snow taught me

Beautiful Southeast Portland

It’s easy to forget to take a moment and to be present. On any given day, there are many variables in our lives that are easy to get caught up in; the deadlines, our relationships, money and expectations. Today was different. As the snow blanketed the town the world seemed calm and alive. As I walked down the street, I saw no one. All I could hear was the squeak then the crunch of my boot as it pushed down the snow. I took a deep breath. The air felt clean and fresh as it hit my lungs. The flakes were refreshing as they landed on my face. The wind swirling around me was a nice reminder that the chaos of the world was still there, but as I inhaled that fresh, clean air, I felt calm and present. As I exhaled, I knew this was a feeling I had forgotten about.

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