Favorite pins: January 2014

Welcome to a quick roundup of my favorite pins as of late!

The emotion this illustration carries is a beautiful thing. I love the thoughtful details – the movement of the woman’s hair to the way the dolphin’s weight is distributed, it actually looks like it is floating up and resting under her hand. The entire piece is calming & beautiful.
Definitely check Yaskina out, she is very talented!

This gold accents, the wood shelves, the fact that it is in a circle. Need I say more?

I love the simple, delicate feel this DIY project gives you. It adds interest without being overwhelming. It reminds me of a whisper. Anyone else? Just me? Okay…


Source: Unknown. If you know it, please let me know.

When I first saw this poster, my immediate reaction was “I would blog and vlog more on a regular basis and push myself out of my comfort zone more in general.” So, that is what I am actively trying to be aware of & do! What was your immediate reaction?


Photo Cred: Question by Debbie Millman. Designed by Ben Barry.

2 thoughts on “Favorite pins: January 2014

  1. Macey Snelson

    If I weren’t afraid, I’d travel. And it’s silly really, why am I afraid to do it? I think mostly I’m afraid that if I embrace a dream, what will I dream about? Saying it out loud makes me laugh. I’m going to travel more.

    1. jehnglynn@gmail.com Post author

      Hey Macey! I have full confidence that more dreams will naturally come to you :) Travel on! :)


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