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Killer Benefits of Having an Accountability Buddy with Max Dubowy

Hey all, I am so excited to share this video with you! My friend, and accountability buddy, Max and I wanted to share with you the benefits of finding someone you can bounce ideas off it. We think it is so important to not keep your business struggles and goals to yourself, but to find an accountability buddy you can trust that will help your business grow!

We hope you enjoy this video!



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How to: Stay productive while traveling

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

Working for yourself, usually means, that even when you travel – you will still need to get work done and be as productive as you can. I have picked up a few tips along the way that have helped me stay on track and today I am sharing those with you! Please click on the video below to hear me talk about them!


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I am scared to do this

I am scared to share this with you – but I am going to do it anyway. I felt like I had something to say last night – so I filmed a video about it. I am not sure what else to say about it… I am pretty nervous to put this out there. For some reason, filming a video versus writing a blog post seems to be on another level of vulnerability for me. Fuck it, right? Here goes nothing… Hope you enjoy it!

You can download the thumbnail wallpaper for your desktop by clicking the link below!  Nurture Your Path - Desktop Download


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What I’ve learned: From the snow

jehn glynn designer what snow taught me

Beautiful Southeast Portland

It’s easy to forget to take a moment and to be present. On any given day, there are many variables in our lives that are easy to get caught up in; the deadlines, our relationships, money and expectations. Today was different. As the snow blanketed the town the world seemed calm and alive. As I walked down the street, I saw no one. All I could hear was the squeak then the crunch of my boot as it pushed down the snow. I took a deep breath. The air felt clean and fresh as it hit my lungs. The flakes were refreshing as they landed on my face. The wind swirling around me was a nice reminder that the chaos of the world was still there, but as I inhaled that fresh, clean air, I felt calm and present. As I exhaled, I knew this was a feeling I had forgotten about.

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