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Lonely Freelancers Club: Refreshing & Overdue

David was one of my first friends here in Portland, OR. He is a Parkour coach, craftsman, and an avid lover of all things to do with letters, type, and calligraphy. He is in the middle of a 30 day personal lettering challenge right now – inspiring stuff! Dribbble just featured him on their blog & I am excited to feature him on my blog through an LFC!

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Enjoy these beauts of photos from our chat!



Pro Tip: Wear your glasses upside down.

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Lonely Freelancers Club: Eye-Opening & Valuable

Dave & I have recently connected and I admire his approach to business and life in general – so I asked if he would like to do an LFC. I was excited to hear he was game! Enjoy!

What is your name?
“Disruptive Dave” Marcello

What do you for a living?
Inject creative kick-assery into small business marketing
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Lonely Freelancers Club: Collaborative & Introspective

Andrew & I had another lovely LFC!
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We enjoy making silly faces & screen-shooting them

What did you eat for breakfast:
JG: Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk with a Banana, some Frosted Mini Wheats + Plain Cheerios all mixed together for one delicious bowl of cereal! & black coffee.

AK: 2 cups of coffee and a dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt Kind bar. Additionally I may have consumed some stray RiceWorks Sweet Chili chips.

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