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I went to Pitchlandia 2014 + Vlog!

If you don’t know, Pitchlandia was this week here in Portland, OR! It was the world’s first crowd-funded & crowd-selected Startup Pitch event. I am always a sucker for Startup events in general – I always leave feeling energized with a new sense of purpose for ‘doing my own thing’. Which is a very addictive feeling! This event in particular sparked my interest because the audience, who helped fund the event, had control of who won and who took the money home. There were 20 pitches total (I show clips of some of my favorite highlights in the video below*), 10 pitches were Tech and 10 were tangible products, which was a nice change up. I think it is easy to get stuck in the ‘tech bubble’ in the Startup World, so it was very refreshing!

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I am scared to do this

I am scared to share this with you – but I am going to do it anyway. I felt like I had something to say last night – so I filmed a video about it. I am not sure what else to say about it… I am pretty nervous to put this out there. For some reason, filming a video versus writing a blog post seems to be on another level of vulnerability for me. Fuck it, right? Here goes nothing… Hope you enjoy it!

You can download the thumbnail wallpaper for your desktop by clicking the link below!  Nurture Your Path - Desktop Download


Thank you for reading and watching :)


Favorite pins: January 2014

Welcome to a quick roundup of my favorite pins as of late!

The emotion this illustration carries is a beautiful thing. I love the thoughtful details – the movement of the woman’s hair to the way the dolphin’s weight is distributed, it actually looks like it is floating up and resting under her hand. The entire piece is calming & beautiful.
Definitely check Yaskina out, she is very talented!

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Nereus New Year’s Card

Happy Thursday!

I was recently contacted by Nereus Worldwide to design their New Year’s Card to send out to their clients. Very exciting! They wanted a Pinterest -Etsy -Homemade feel to their cards, while representing their brand in a positive and professional way. I was supplied with a plethora of lovely inspirational images from Pinterest and Etsy, which got the ideas flowing immediately and I could not wait to get to work!

This was a dream come true… I love the creative energy that most Etsy inspired cards have and have always wanted to chance to create one of my own.

The Nereus team was lovely to work with – I had such a blast working on this project. Thanks Nereus!!

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Exclusive Holiday Collection for Courtney Z Photography

I love the holidays & everything that comes along with them… spending extra time with your loved ones, baking endless amounts of cookies, eating endless amounts of cookies (let’s be honest), sending and receiving holiday cards, bundling up with blankets and watching Christmas movies on the couch, hot tea… ahh, I could go on forever.

The holidays force us to slow down a bit from our regular busy life & that is a beautiful thing.
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